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I joined InstaGC July 9th, 2015 and today, as I’m writing this, my redeemed rewards total over $195 and that’s without consistently trying. It would be an awful lot higher if I did it every day but, to be honest, it’s tedious at times and you know, life happens.

 You learn more after doing a few offers. Which ones tend to credit the easiest and which ones are a toss up if you will even get credit for it. The surveys can be long but every few you may get one that only takes 2 minutes and pays out $1.

With InstaGC, 100 points = $1.  At the top of the site is a “Redeem” drop down list of all the ways you can get paid. A HUGE gift card store that offers instant gift cards from as little as $1 and up. You can get your earnings direct deposited into your bank or you can cash out to PayPal. You are also able to donate your points if you’d like.

I’m going to share with you a few ways to earn.

*Sign up with one of my links on this page.

*Click on the InstaGC logo at the top left to make sure you are on the home page.

*Go to the first box, which is also the InstaGC main offer wall.

*Go to the Sort By.. Box near the top and select “Last Completed.” Of course, these will show you what the last offers that have completed and credited somebody.

*You can either start doing what these are or keep following my list. Find the ones labeled “Live Sample (I)” and “Live Sample (II)” Each of these surveys pays out 105 points, or $1.05. You finish one survey and you can cash out to Amazon! You can only do 2 Live Sample surveys a day but there are a few “Your Surveys” that pay out $.70 each that you can do every day as well. Here is an example of $4.40 from 5 surveys and one email submit (keep reading for a trick on that).

*The “Life Script” offers are also a great way to pay out and can be fast once you get the hang of it. What you want to do is click the offer, Fill out the form as quick as possible and hit submit (sometimes it is a form and sometimes it just wants an email address.. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS unless you like lots of ads) If you are using Chrome, which I recommend, the auto-fill comes in handy here. Do not even bother with any other pages that come up and close the Life Script tab. Check back on InstaGC to see if you got credit for it. Whether you did or not, go into your settings and click on “Advanced Settings” at the bottom. Under “Privacy” click on “Clear browsing data…” and remove the cookies and cache.

*Refresh the InstaGC page and re-log back in. Now, if you did not get credited for it, do the offer again. Sometimes it can take up to 5 times before it will credit. If you did get credit, clear your cookies/cache and do another Life Script. This becomes very fast once you get the hang of it and adds up quickly. Life Script offers are on a few of the other “walls” like OfferToro and Adwall. I recommend checking Adwall first, as sometimes they are worth 72 points on there a piece. Here’s a screenshot from SOME of my earnings yesterday and also I cashed out $15 to Amazon.

So with those few offers, it should teach you enough of how to get started. Like I said before, you learn more as you do more. 

A few tips:

  • Watch the Ticker on the right side of the page that displays the last credited offers across all walls. You can see what is working and what offer is hot at that moment.
  •  Create new email addresses, frequently. Some of the offers want unique email addresses to credit. The Life Script is a good example for that. Sometimes I can get 2-3 higher paying offers to credit (40pts+) off of one email address but then it wont credit any more until I make a new email address. The lower point ones (20 or less) usually can take any old email address.
  • Don’t use fake names/addresses. They will know and they can shut you down. Don’t abuse the system. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your address, then do other offers.. there are a ton.

Also REFERRALS! You can refer all your friends and you get 10 points per signup and then you will receive a bonus 10% of all their earnings. 

So of course if you sign up with one of my links, you would be helping me out as well. 

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